Day 1 – July 25

09:00 Japanese students and Alejandra arrived in LOS ANGELES!!

Others would also be coming soon:)

15:30 USC Campus safety orientation (USC: University of Southern California)

and all of us tested negative for the COVID-19 test☻

16:00 Team building activity! We enjoyed a scavenger hunt at Exposition Park Rose Garden,

The California Science Center, and The California African American Museum.

Day 2 – July 26

09:00  Orientation – to the program itself and LA

14:00 Visited Japanese American National Museum

– go to the reflection tab and gallery to see how it was!

17:00 Explored Little Tokyo – Various stores were selling Japanese products!

Day 3 – July 27

09:00 Group discussion – reflection is the key to deepening our learning

10:30 Workshop by Dr. Jean-Paul deGuzman

– “The Afterlives of Executive Order 9066 and The Power of History”

14:00 Explored Little Tokyo (2nd round!)

16:00 Visited Go For Broke National Education Center – and we had dinner together!

– go to the reflection tab and gallery to see how it was!

Day 4 – July 28

09:00 Project Overview

10:30 Workshop by Prof. Hideko Russell and Seamus Gildner- about translation

13:30 Introduction to Manzanar – We will leave LA for a while!

Day 5 – July 29

07:00 Departed LA and go to Manzanar! – It would be 4 hours travel

14:00 Visited Manzanar National Historic Site

– go to the reflection tab and gallery to see how it was!

Day 6 – July 30

10:00 Revisit Manzanar National Historic Site

17:00 Visited Alabama Hills – there was a thunderstorm!

18:00 Watched a documentary film about Go for Broke – the segregated and heroic 442nd

Day 7 – July 31

10:00 Went to Mammoth Lake and had a picnic!!

16:00 Project work time

18:00 Visited Eastern California Museum

Day 8 – Aug 1

09:00 Students separated into two groups; ①Revisit Manzanar ②Project work

10:30 Departed Manzanar and back to LA

16:00 Arrived LA

20:00 Frisbee time and Tacos party – Thank you so much, Maria!!

Day 9 – Aug 2


Ayui, Runa, and Sayaka went to Disney California Adventure Park.

Others headed to Santa Monica☻

Day 10 – Aug 3

10:00 Had a conversation with two camp survivors – It was a very valuable experience.

13:30 Project work time – Struggled to build this website!

Day 11 – Aug 4

Project work day – Our website is now ready!!!

Day 12 – Aug 5

We completed our History in Translation 2022 program!!

Bye to everyone and looking forward to seeing you again someday 😢